mebig001My Story: 
As a small business owner and a relatively new father of 2 (Maya 2, Ryder 1) I lost myself in trying to keep my business going through the recession and the steep learning curve of being a new Dad. All of my past personal goals went out the window and I ended up lost, and in the end losing me and who I am as a person. I ended up over weight, lethargic and hated myself, no, disgusted with myself and hid away not wanting any contact with outside people.

Crunch time:
This came when I fell asleep behind the wheel of our car with my family in it… Luckily my partner woke me before we crashed into a parked car. Later that month we were at a birthday party, and we were taking photos of the day, and I saw one of me… and I didn’t know who it was initially as I was so over weight.

Doctor visit:mebig002
My small family have been with our current doctor for some years now and I was going in for an overall check up. I took both kids along with me to see my doctor and when I hoped onto the scales it went all the way around… and then some!! My Doctor went into the next office and came back in holding another set of scales… ONE FOR EACH FOOT! And this went on throughout the visit, 175kg, high blood-pressure, verging on type 2 diabetes, and morbidly obese. She looked at me with a saddened look in her eye, and told me “Adrian, if things don’t change with you and your weight problem, I will give you 5 years before things start shutting down.” And while she was telling me this I was watching my 2 beautiful children playing in the office… And I thought “I can’t do this too them… And I cant keep doing this to me.”

Remembering ME:
I needed to get me back on track, I had the qualifications and knowledge to do it, but one thing I realised through this journey is that ‘If you don’t really want it… you know, that deep desire that you feel burning inside of you, it tends not to manifest. Dream.

polaroid-lowres_01Journey to date:
Lost 75kg, gained lean muscle mass. I entered the Wellington Body Building competition end of September 2014 and won my division, and qualified for the National Body Building Championships in 2 weeks time of which I took third place. A very humbling experience to even be on that stage.

What am I doing now?:
I know that I am not the only one out there that has lost their way through this life journey, so I now spend my time helping others that are in a similar situation to mine.  I now run a group 12 Week Fat Loss Programs online and in Wellington. I also share some of the things I have learnt through my weight loss journey on my blog www.adrianowen.me and also on Facebook www.facebook.com/dream.dedicate.do


If I can help motivate one person to get back to discovering themselves again, and learning to love them-self, AWESOME!

~ Adrian.