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What’s included in the 90 days?

Nutrition Plan
Individual Ketogenic nutrition plans are made specific to YOU and your body type. The majority of my clients (including myself) use a High Fat, Low Carb or Ketogenic way of eating.

A full supplement plan is supplied to keep your body working at it’s optimum level throughout the program.

Coaching & measurements
Online meetings 6:30pm Sundays
We talk more about the ketogenic diet and how or body uses fat as fuel through to other aspects of training. Measurements and fitness tests are done week 1, 6 and 12.

Group Training Sessions
Six weeks FREE membership  @ Fitness DYnamix in Miramar. Three 50 min group training sessions a week, Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 11:30am  

Home Programs
As you go through the 12 Weeks your body will get fitter and lighter, so we need to stay in front of these changes so we continue to make progress. Every 4 weeks I supply you with a new exercise program for you to complete at home.

24/7 text and email access
Day or night, fire through any questions or queries you might have, and i will get back to you ASAP.

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About me

Adrian Owen
I have lost over 70kg and completed five 90 day programs in my weight-loss journey. I have tried many different programs and nutrition plans throughout, and grabbed everything that worked for me and condensed these down into this 90 Day Program.

I know what it is like to be over weight with health issues, and I know what it is like to be fit and healthy. I am here to help people make that transition… and make that transition as easy and as fast as possible.


1Dan Ostrov
Weta Digital
“After 30 years I am finally getting the body that i have wanted my whole life!

2Rocky Vanoost
Weta Digital
“The thing I really enjoy about Adrian’s programs is that they are focused on the client. You can tell that he actually cares about the needs of his clients, and they are more than just a source of income. I can’t recommend him enough.”

3Geoff Samuel
Weta Digital
“I found the experience life-changing,it literally changed the way i live my life, and my approach to food and exercise has changed dramatically as a result.”

4Jamie Doreen
“I can run now. It doesn’t seem like much of a great result, but when you’re 20-40kgs lighter, it is an amazing achievement.”